A discussion to have

Every time I pick up my issue of the Sun-Gazette, I go directly to the editorial page. In these pages, there exists a freedom of thought and intellectual sophistication that is missing in the mainstream media. In fact, I have not even experienced an internet site that meets the standards of the Sun-Gazette’s editorial page.

In the editorial page, I have read some great syndicated articles from Cal Thomas, Tom Sowell, Michelle Malkin and Brent Bozell. Also, local writers like Phil Underwood, Ida Templeton and John Kovich have enlightened me.

In the 1960s, “jocks” like myself wore crew cut haircuts, played sports and were the most respected teens of our time. Meanwhile, the hippy liberals just laid around and smoked dope while complaining about the “system”.

I met up with one of those hippy liberals from high school a couple of months ago. I was pleased to learn that he had been working for the post office for 30-plus years. Naturally, he had turned into a conservative Republican. Hard work turns even the most ardent liberals into conservatives.

Most liberals in our country are just 20 and 30 somethings. That’s why I give them a break. Many of them have been forced to listen to the ramblings of liberal college professors who have few good things to say about America.

Luckily, discussion of American Exceptionalism takes place in the editorial pages. America is the greatest country in the world. I understand that the liberals have only bad things to say about her. I dare liberals to find something good to say. This discussion on American Exceptionalism needs to continue. Hopefully, the liberals will not start name calling as they are inclined to do when losing a debate.

Paul Goldsmith


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom