Today I was amused to read Tim Mannello’s letter entitled “Amnesty.” He confuses “apples” and “oranges” by comparing God’s Law with U.S. Immigration Law. Mr. Mannello says we Christians should forgive the 11 million, or so, illegal aliens in our nation as God forgives us.

As a Seminarian, I can see Mr. Mannello’s confusion: He confuses Salvation with amnesty. We Americans have sent missionaries around the world for centuries to bring the Good News to those who will accept it. We also instituted immigration laws, as has every other sovereign nation on Earth, to regulate legal immigration.

I would advise Mr. Mannello that even Jesus got this right when he said, “Render to God the things that are God’s and to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.” Illegal immigrants can find a Way to legally live here by going back out and coming in the Legal Way to live here.

Ronald L. Benjamin


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom