Argument won’t work

I am writing this to Seth Borenstein. I would like to start by saying how in the world could you publish an article like this. Seventy percent of Pennsylvania is based around agriculture and the rasing of livestock. If your telling people to eat less meat that is putting a thought in farmers heads like myself why even raise cattle then.

Milk is the number one product in the state of Pennsylvania. Dairy cows are not any different than beef cows they all are raised the same in my mind producing the same greenhouse gases as beef cows.

What I’m getting at is studies are showing the cattle produce more emissions than a standard car that people drive everyday. Go to Pittsburgh or any big city when people are traveling to work and look how busy the turnpikes and highways are. It is bumper to bumper traffic, full of vehicles running emissions. You can’t tell me that there are more cattle or livestock than there are vehicles.

One last thing the man who did the research and preformed the study claims he raised cattle in Israel. I can believe that, but the one big thing he left out was in his country their emissions standards are lower than the I.Q. of an infant child. That being said, no matter how hard you try, you aren’t going to convince people to eat less beef.

Evan Duck

Mill Hall

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom