Asked but did not give

A recent letter writer asked for honesty and then proceeds to not give it in his letter about a letter on greed. Let’s start with some definitions and work from there.

Self-reliance reliance on one’s own powers and resources rather than those from others.

Self interest one’s personal interest or advantage, especially pursued without regard for others.

Greed excessive desire for wealth or gain.

The letter writers states that Republicans do not believe that we are on our own but in fact believe “in self-reliance, which is a requirement for maintaining freedom.” If you truly want to maintain freedom you are not going to get it from self-reliance nor from the private sector of our society.

Only one institution in our nation maintains our freedoms and it is government. Government that works for justice, freedom. equality and security. We can argue whether or not that is what is happening at this time but the fact remains it is government that maintains freedom, not self-reliance. There will be some who will argue that the Christian faith is what maintains freedom.

Finally, the letter writer brings up the retread argument from the conservatives that 47 percent of the population doesn’t pay income taxes and are on government assistance.

Of course, this is about the lower incomes. Take a good look at the demographics of low-income earners. Very few of them are educated, married, or have at least one wage earner who are in their prime age for earnings (35-64). They are fives times more likely to be elderly and on a fixed income. The way that conservatives harp about this disparity one would assume that the income tax is the only federal or government tax we the people pay. Conservatives also fail to say that the income tax is a progressive style tax.

It is also very telling that no conservative ever speaks to the tax advantages the wealthy receive as well as continued increase in wealth and earnings while those below them continue to lose their wealth, jobs and security as well as benefits.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom