Rush Limbaugh attributed Robin Williams’ death to the unhappiness of the left.

I don’t know if it was just the Oxycontin talking, but just because you’re as big as the sun doesn’t make you a ray of sunlight.

I bring this up because it illustrates the notion that conservatives are the tough guys who don’t need no mental healthin’.

And, that liberals are the ones on the proverbial couch.

So let’s take a quiz.

Are you paranoid? Like, people who think their guns are getting taken away.

Do you take your anger out on others? Like, Chris Christie with a traffic jam.

Do you frivolously spend money? Like on that “Heaven is for Real” ticket.

Do you babble incoherently? Like, Sarah Palin and Ex-President Bush.

Robin’s tragic death has inspired me to raise awareness for people who really suffer from mental disorders.

I’m looking out for people whose mind has led them to dark places. Places of low self-esteem, insecurity, and ending the estate tax.

As Robin said in “Good Will Hunting”; “It’s not your fault”.

And to quote myself; “It’s Rush Limbaugh’s fault”.

So, if you are suffering from right-wing conservatism. . .please seek help!

Michael Sullivan


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom