Conservative utterances

Just finished reading the letter about recent quotes from liberals or in the letter’s case Democrats. So God inspired me to write about recent utterances from prominent conservatives and, yes, Republicans and Tea Party members. Warning this will be lengthy.

First up is Donald Trump. He is a little upset about the return of American medical personnel sent back to the US for treatment of Ebola. “Keep them out of here!”

Speaking of the southern border, Rep. Michele Bachmann had quite a bit to say on it, but the two that stand out are to pay for the upgrade of security at the border is to tax undocumented workers by 100 percent. Which is odd considering that conservatives say that undocumented workers never pay any taxes ever. Second statement from Bachmann alleges that President Obama is supporting the increase of unaccompanied undocumented minors at the border so that medical research facilities can continue to conduct secretive experimentation on humans because the children can not say no.

Rush Limbaugh and his show on domestic violence in reference to a incident involving the NFL. His reference to the ‘Jurassic Park feminazis”. Way to go Jurassic Park Rush!

Then there is the reported incident involving Rep. Steve King and Senator Rand Paul and two undocumented children who were talking about the enlist act, which is a GOP author bill that would allow undocumented children who grew up and were educated in the U.S. to enlist in the military and serve our country and then earn citizenship through it. Rep. King told them repeatedly they had violated the law but he complimented them on how well they spoke English. Senator Paul made a hasty exit!

Rep. Mo Brook says that he doesn’t think that any one who was not born here and raised in America can be viewed as trustworthy or loyal enough to serve in our military. He also says that the Democratic Party has a “war on whites”.

Peggy Noonan complained about President Obama dropping his g’s and slouching all around the podium, describing his opponents with disdain and complaining about his ill treatment. “Stop just hatin’ all the time”. On top of everything else, the president is accused of, dropping his g’s and slouching are intolerable for conservatives.

Speaker Boehner on the failure to pass an immigration bill on the crisis at the southern border. He said that the president has powers he can use instead to secure the border and ensure that the children are return to their countries safely and securely. Even though the House has decided to sue the President for using his powers because they fail to give congressional actions.

There are boneheaded comments from a lot of different ideologies. I thought it fitting to air those from the opposition since the ones from the liberals were published.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom