I was in utter dismay with the letter regarding the so-called children from Central America traveling to the U.S. border. How naive can the letter writer be? Does he really think that 9-year-olds, or even 18-year-old so-called children, could actually travel over 1,200 miles across strange, dangerous, and often hostile territory on their own? They were brought to the border by others, who were paid big money to do so. They were transported by unsavory people who would stoop to anything for money. As for our secure borders, they are practically non-existent.

As an example, James O’Keefe, who became famous in 2009 by posing as a pimp wanting to open houses of ill repute, exposed the ACORN group in Chicago when they offered to assist him. This same James O’Keefe just a few days ago had videos made of himself, along with sheriff Arvin West, of Hadspeth County Tex., walking back and forth across the border, and even dressed as Bin Laden, with not one border patrol agent in sight.

They then continued to the interstate highway, without being challenged by anyone. I am not trying to blame the border police, because their hands are tied by bureaucrats in Washington.

So much for our secure borders cited by our people in Washington. These are the same people who swore to uphold the Constitution when they took their oath of office. In my book, they are traitors, and liars. As such, I take the letter writer’s attempt for sympathy toward the illegal border crossings to fall on deaf ears.

Galen William Seaman


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom