Drill baby, drill

When Sarah Palin uttered those words, most liberals mocked, ridiculed and did their usual personal attacks in a childish attempt to avoid the issue at hand…our nation’s need for energy independence.

Instead, most liberals told us that wind and solar are the environmentally responsible answer to our energy needs.

President Obama and the Democrats funneled billions into wind and solar companies owned by big donors. Soon, wind and solar plants were popping up everywhere.

Meanwhile, most environmentalists told us that fracking would destroy our nation, forecasting doom and destruction that would happen in multiple ways.

But we are more than 5 years into modern fracking and we are producing astounding quantities of natural gas and oil, safely employing tens of thousands of American workers.

But some recent reports about wind and solar paint a different picture.

We already know that wind turbines are killing thousands of birds nationwide.

Additionally, a recent study revealed that it takes 700 times the acreage for wind to produce as much power as natural gas.

Now, a report by weather.com showed that the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating Station is frying approximately 28,000 birds per year from the intense heat reflected off solar panels.

That is one solar plant.

Additionally, the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating Station generates only 392 megawatts but covers over 3500 acres.

In contrast, the Patriot Combined Cycle Plant being built locally sits on 20 acres and will produce 800 megawatts.

Perhaps, it is time we rethink wind and solar as environmentally viable alternatives to safe, efficient natural gas.

Erik Latranyi


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom