Get priorities straight

I just read the article (August 5, 2014) about the Mayor giving Mr. Simpson a pay raise of $5000.00. How dare he just give this man such a raise of any size without consulting the City Council first? This is from money that WE have paid for in our taxes! I agree that Mr. Simpson has done his job of recreating some of the events that gave the community pleasure in the past, but to the tune of $5000.? I don’t think so. Even low paying jobs don’t warrant that much increase in pay.

We are struggling to get by on what we earn and the mayor just gives a man $5000. For supposedly saving the city money? He just gave Mr. S. what he saved us! He had a job to do and he did it. Doesn’t require a bonus of that amount.

I think Mr. Mayor needs to get the priorities of the people he serves who elected him straight! City Council was elected to keep the city straight and you are supposed to work with them not against them.

After all, we the citizens of Williamsport have other issues that could use that money to help solve.

While I’m at it, Taking the basketball courts away in Memorial Park was silly as Drugs are everywhere! And Bocci Ball? What is that and where are the instructions plus the tools to play it? And what looks like a Hopscotch court? Just how many senior citizens can still do that?

Also, I realize that you want to beautify the City and are proud of it, but taking a corner of Third St. and Market to build something representing Little League when we have all of the other worthwhile projects in Williamsport that need attention is a waist of money at this time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the Little League, but too much emphasis has been put on this kind of project when we have so many other issues to take care of. I love this city and would like to see, just once important issues taken care of instead of the superficial stuff.

Gretchen H. Kennedy


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom