Hitting the nail on the head

In my profession, the folks that I deal with never get to hear the accolades given on their behalf, nor do they get to enjoy the flowers which are sent to them.

For this reason I would like to address a letter that was sent by Charles Reeder with which I am in full agreement.

Mr. Reeder and I are rarely on the same page, but this time he hit the nail on the head with his letter defending the Sun-Gazette’s “God Bless America” headline.

As he correctly stated, the Sun-Gazette is not a government agency, nor is it funded by taxpayer dollars. It is a newspaper exercising its First Amendment right. Use of the word, “God”, is not a profession of faith nor is it promoting any particular religion. It is part of our lexicon, and we’ve all heard it used by believers and non-believers alike.

If use of the word, “God,” were a means of religious conversion, our houses of worship would be overflowing each week.

I stand with you on this one, Charles.

Allow me to give you your roses while you can still smell them.

Ken Robertson


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