Hoping for Middle East peace

As one who follows the conflicts in the Middle East, I pay most attention to that of the continuing battle between Israel and Hamas. Aug. 8 marked the end of a 72-hour ceasefire with hopes for a longer agreement to follow. But that hope was dashed (the cease-fire did not hold) and a harsh reality set in. For nearly a month the two adversaries fought each other, resulting in mass destruction and a tragic loss of life on both sides.

While I openly support Israel in its fight against Hamas, it troubles me to think there may never be a lasting peace between them. Just recently, I found the words to express how I feel going forward. Put simply, I offer two words that say it best (they are rooted in our legal system) – “Irreconcilable differences,” a phrase often used to describe the reason for couples filing for divorce.

And so it goes with many nations who become bogged down in wars.

In such hostile situations, it may be the only way out is to seek common ground, as opposed to those issues that divide us. Only then, some measure of mutual trust and peace may be achieved.

One can always hope.

Margaret Shaw

Jersey Shore