I agree with the mayor

I read an article that said the Friends of Memorial Pool had raised only $3,000.00 out of about $50,000.00 they had as a goal.

I’ve not seen bake sales, fund raisers or car washes that would have generater any money for them.

My issue is that it’s not the citizen’s fault, but more the fault of the People running the show.

The Recreation Department seems not to care much. I’ll tell you why.

I offered a fund raiser to “Friends of Memorial Pool”.

I was sent to see the Director of the Recreation Department. When I got there, he had called in sick for that day.

I had to give my information to a lady that had no idea who I was or what I was there for.

Nor did I get a simple “Sorry” call from the department, or a reschedule to meet with them and discuss my program.

In all seriousness, that one simple fund raiser could have made them $2000.00 or more in just one evening.

So, it isn’t the disinterest of the public as much as the disinterest of those who “run the show”.

I just sit back and scratch my head.

Terry G. Smith


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom