I am amazed

After taking off the first weekend of the Hamas-Israel conflict I tuned in to see how it was proceeding. And I was truly amazed at all the Palestinian casualties. You see, after Israel giving fair warning to all the people of Gaza, even the ones that weren’t firing rockets, you’d think that those people would get out of there quickly; especially if you had small children. But for some reason the folks in Gaza decided to stay in the wake of an IDF incursion.

You must understand that Palestinian children are brought up to hate Israelis with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. Would it be too much to ask then to believe that these civilians are told it’s their duty to martyr themselves for the greater Palestinian good? I saw some pictures on the internet of some “casualties” of adults and children but saw no evidence of any injuries. Yes, innocents are being killed, but don’t blame the Israelis. Again I stress that the civilians were warned of the coming conflict; but yet some mother let her children play on a beach with IDF warships in sight. And just where were the rockets coming from? When rockets are being fired from homes, schools, and even hospitals, the bad guys are hiding behind the populace for sympathy and to feed the growing anti-Semitism movements in Europe and around the world. When you can’t defeat your enemy militarily, defeat them with sympathetic world opinion.

I also read a piece about reporters only being able to report the Hamas side of the war; that sounds like the reporting, or not reporting, of the goings on with our southern border. Looks like that since we are now supporting Hamas through our foreign aid to the Palestinians, we’re supporting terrorists; but isn’t that against the law? It’s probably not to the members of the Muslim Brotherhood working inside the Administration.

Isaac and Ishmael have been at war for thousands of years. Are we so arrogant to believe we can stop them now? When children of any race are taught to hate from birth, can there really be peace?

Gregory Weigle

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom