In response to the article “Mayor critical of fundraising effort”, I found his wording that he was quite disappointed in the citizens for falling way short of the goal, laughable. I wonder if the mayor knows what the income of residents in his city actually is. A total of 15.7 percent make less than 10K per year and 17.6 percent make between 10 and 20K. A total of 13.4 percent earn between 20 and 30K. ( 2012)

That accounts for 46.7 percent, or nearly half, of your population that is living below the poverty level, or dang close to it. I think he could have worded it more wisely and directed it towards the residents who could afford to help but did not – but then again, they probably already own pools. Eat or swim kids choose one!

Kathy Garwood


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom