Marino scores

Apparently our Congressman Marino got on Nancy Pelosi’s last nerve Friday night and found himself facing her wrath on the House floor. She charged him and got in his face. Even ABC News called it a breach of decorum on Pelosi’s part.

Rep. Marino accused Democrats of making the border a political issue after doing nothing while they controlled the House, Senate and White House. He reminded all that while Pelosi was Speaker, and during the years the democrats controlled the W.H., and both the House and Senate, they did nothing about the border problem. A finger-waving Pelosi then charged Marino on the House floor!

Marino said, “apparently I hit the right nerve,” adding that he had done the research and she should try it. This brought applause and another charge across the floor by Pelosi, waving her finger like a mad-woman!

Rep. Marino has promised repeatedly to fight for sealing the border, and is 100 percent against amnesty in any way, shape or form. Keep up the good work, Rep. Marino!

Mary Lewis


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom