No danger from coal

There is no danger from coal.

I was born in 1921 and all the homes and businesses and factories were heated and plowered by coal.

I visited my grandparents in Pittsburgh and as we got to Blairsville I could see a big black cloud from the big steel Bessemer converters making steel.

I was in charge of keeping the furnace fired up and emptying the ashes.

All the trains were coal fired and America could not have won WW2 without coal.

One Volcano eruption, like in Iceland put more CO2 and Ash into the atmosphere than all America’s burning of coal would do in five years. The forest fires are doing it too.

I just received a notice my electric bill for next year will go up about 3 or 4 dollars each month.

The EPA is wrong on coal and Americans will pay dearly for their mistake!

Howard Casselberry

Lock Haven

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