Police vs. citizens

When I lived in the Los Angeles area, I witnessed rioting where the police were blamed for doing their duty protecting the populace and businesses. Just as it has happened again today, this time in St. Louis. Again, a police officer is to blame because of a young black man shot by the police officer.

The NAACP was notified after the shooting. If the cop was wrong then he should have to answer for the shooting. However, the NAACP, looters, the people from the apartment complex in Ferguson, Missouri, or myself was not there when the incident happened. So why do we assume that it was all the police officers fault?

Why is it that the black organizations rush to judgment when a young black person is shot or murdered but when the young black men and women loot, rob, have drive by shootings, none of these Good Samaritan organizations ever come forward to protest what so many young blacks did?

Having lived in the Los Angeles area, I witnessed what the young people do when a cop stopped a black person. The young people went on a rage of rioting, robbing, and drive-by shootings, without having to take responsibility or pay the consequences.

All we hear are how the blacks are discriminated against when it comes to jobs, schooling, etc. This is a fabrication so that those who want handouts can have an excuse of why they do what they do. Today the blacks that are discriminated against are those who commit crimes, are gang-bangers, murder, or take what they want by rioting.

In my fifty plus years of working, I have never seen a black person not get a job. If they were refused, it usually was due to a lack of experience for it. This is not to say that this was always the case, because there still is bigotry amongst us.

Today we have many in the black race who have gotten an education, were polite, are non- violent, and take pride in being successful. They have earned their stripes not because they were black but because they proved they are capable.

Oh, yes, I am a white female who despises bigotry by any person, no matter their color or nationality. One time I did not receive a job that I wanted because I was not qualified. That is my fault, not the fault of a business.

In my humble opinion, bigotry comes about when someone wants what another has but does not want to earn it. Usually it is because we are envious or jealous. Many Blacks, Hispanics, and Caucasians, receive handouts without taking responsibility for why they need it.

A helping hand up is one thing, but when you refuse to help yourself then why should another who has worked hard to earn what they have hand over to those who refuse to help themselves?

Ida Temple


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom