Revolution we need

The dysfunctional comedy team known as Congress and the administration are working on yet another Kabuki play in a sad attempt to fool the public before election time.

Sen. Harry Reid, the Chief Obstructionist of the U.S., has refused to allow a budget to pass for the last three years. The House gets in the act by fussing and fuming, then Congress passes meaningless bills with the end result another foolish pile of “stopgap” legislation designed not to solve any monetary crisis but to retain seats. The public is spoon fed myths and outright lies and sadly, many swallow the concoctions whole.

Social Security is running dry. There is no money for fixing the VA problems. No money for highway and infrastructure repairs and upgrades. We have to reduce the military to pre -WWII levels because everything is “tranquil” around the world and there’s no money for soldiers’ pay or benefit increases. All myths, all lies, as Harry Reid likes to say.

Congress “borrowed” over $7 billion from Social Security to balance budgets during the Clinton administration and has never repaid it. There seems to be plenty of money for increases to welfare and food stamps every year. Plenty of money for housing, food, medical care, and education for the thousands of illegals streaming across our borders yearly.

Plenty of money for bike paths, walkways, landscaping, parking garages, studies of goldfish, and the myriad other loads of pork doled out in grants. Plenty of money for weapons, food, highways, and outright slush payments to the people around the world who hate America and want us all dead. So far in 2014, the U.S. Treasury has taken in over $650 billion dollars more than projected but Congress and the White House can’t find any spare change in the couch cushions to do any real work at home.

All that cash being doled out to illegals and foreign nations is ours, folks. Just a 10 percent reduction in those outlays would, for example, help pave every highway in the nation without raising taxes a dime. The only way to get the attention of the free spenders in Washington is through the ballot box because the fear of losing all those perks of office is the only thing that registers in those 535 closed minds. Start the revolt in November.

Jon Smith


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom