Rome is burning

The president is fiddling around while the country and the world is in trouble. He is either golfing, vacationing or socializing to raise money for the Democratic Party. This is not pat of his job. He is supposed to be solving the country’s problems and keep us safe and secure and prosperous, which he is not doing. He should be in the White House working instead of raising money for the next president.

I am quite concerned about the people and company that contribute to their candidate. I often wondered if you give someone money what do you expect in return? It seems a lot o people and businesses that gave the president money received contracts for government work, the unions, banks and car industries receive money to bail them out or expand new businesses. Some paid us back, some went bankrupt.

This was the people’s money that was last and put us in debt of over $17 trillion that we can never pay back. This leads me to believe that there is corruption in our government. When there are important decisions to be made about our finances or wars or constitutional laws, we the people should be able to vote for what we want, not the politicians.

Our elected officials should not be allowed to stay longer than 15 years in service, not make their employment a career. If they stay too long, they become too powerful and learn how to manipulate the other politicians to get what they want for themselves their state or their friends or businesses not for the good of the people or the country.

The politicians should get a reasonable pension and insurance equal to the people. They should not receive the same amount in pension that they received yearly in their paycheck along with all the free benefits that an average American does not get at his job. The Congress and Senate take advantage of their rights to benefits and raises to themselves. We have no control of what they do or spend, we only work to support them and the country and have no say for what they do.

Sharon Galbraith

Beech Creek