Shame on president

The main news stations are not covering or covering very little the fact that thousands of people are crossing our border into Texas, New Mexico, California and Arizona. Over 50,000 of these people are children without parents!-babies to teens suffering from scabies, head lice, tuberculosis, etc.

Many of these children are being abducted, sexually abused or forced into slavery enroute. Some are forced to carry drugs, all this happening as they are enroute to the dream of getting to the United States. The president recently visited Texas, but refused to visit one of the many shelters housing these unfortunate people. He instead shot pool and drank beer in a bar, and had a hamburger with a woman who had fallen on hard economic times. He stated he would not visit the housing centers because he was not one that liked “photo-ops!”

His administration keeps saying there is a right-wing war on women, but cares not about the dangers men, women and children are facing by leaving their homes, travelling through Mexico to get to the “American dream.” He instead is viewing the thousands of people as potential votes, using them for political purposes.

Nancy Pelosi made the statement in a number of years, Texas would be a “blue” state! Harry Reid stated last week “our border is safe”. Our states are now faced with the financial crisis of caring for these people, border agents are changing diapers! all this at taxpayer expense! Mr. Obama, shame on you!

Catherine E. Burns

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom