Tax ’em

I’m old enough to remember when a Democrat named Milton Shapp as governor got the state income tax passed as a graduated tax. That was later found to be illegal by the courts so he settled for a flat percentage tax. He also doubled and tripled any thing in his control. Driver license, license plates, inspection stickers, temporary tags, vehicle titles etc..

After that for a few years we had fairly responsible leadership until another democrat known in the inner circles as fast eddie. He canceled anything that did not help Philadelphia, he canceled the bypass around Selinsgrove, the bypass from Jersey Shore around Williamsport and the spur from I-180 to the airport. He also tried to make I-80 a toll road.

Fast Eddie Rendell was elected and re-elected on the promise that if he could get gambling casinos approved in penna the property taxes could be eliminated.

Now the state Democrats are taking lessons from the White House and blaming increased property taxes on the Republicans.

We are fortunate in Pennsylvania to have natural gas reserves. The economy has gotten a little better and the gas companies have contributed several million dollars to local taxes.

There is now another Democrat running for governor who thinks they should be penalized for this.

He says tax ’em-tax ’em- tax ’em .

Harlan Pidcoe Jr.


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom