The community’s health

The Center holds a lot of history and meaning to a large portion of the community. To some, it is a symbol of the struggle to be a part and counted as important. To some others it is a reminder of a struggle for progress and pride.

There are those who remember it as a place of hope because it played a crucial role in their development at a time when opportunities seemed slim. Yes, there are also who through their hands up in despair a long time ago, never looking back.

However, there is little dispute that it has been a valuable asset to the community many times over and now has a fresh chance to make even more contributions to the life of this evolving community and a whole new generation of young parents, youth, children, veterans and seniors. All because someone cares deeply enough to make an investment in the health of the community. How powerful is that statement?

The time is here for us all to put the past to rest, dare to think some new thoughts, and lend a hand in a worthy effort for redemption. We all owe a word of gratitude to the rescuers with vision and what is good for the larger community at heart. Instead of standing back, waiting to see if things will go wrong, we have a new opportunity the help things go right. No more “that will do” mentality for the Center. No more “why be bothered” attitude about the Center. A healthy caring community is what we all want and need. It is called living with others in solidarity. There is lost ground to recover and new challenges waiting ahead! Your help and well wishes are needed.

Rev. Adam Kittrell

South Williamsport

Submitted by E-Mail