The fall of the American flag

As chairman of the Old Lycoming Township Volunteer Fire Company, parade division, we enjoy being a part of the Grand Slam parade, introducing the start of the Little League.

As a fire company, we want to show off Little League Snuffy, as well as expressing our pride in our city as well as our country by displaying the American flag.

Last year we had problems with the flag becoming entangled by various branches of the trees along with the route. I have discussed with the streets and parks committee about trimming branches from the trees. They assured me that it would be taken care of before the parade.

As we went down the route, it was discovered that this had not yet been done.

We chose not to display the glad, but as we travelled the route, our mascot sitting on top of the fire truck was hit by the branches.

When we go to the people in charge of the activities, such as the parades, with a problem such as this, we should feel confident that the problem will be taken care of for the protection of those in the parade.

Remember, the entire world is watching us for the next few days and I personally feel that we should be able to feel safe, as well as being able to fly the American flag.

Hopefully this will be taken care of before next year’s parade.

Leland K. Shipe