The year was 1939

Clarifying a couple missed points in my previous letter, my father, Ben Bebble, worked for the WPA in 1939, and later in life he worked and retired from PennDOT and received the appointment from Gov. Shapp in 1972. (He always laughed and said he got the job from his experience with WPA) but he really was a wounded Navy veteran from the Normany Invasion and received veterans preferences.

The true purpose for my letter was remembering the beginning of Little League and the tough times in 1939 that helped bring it about. I also believe it has grown to what it is today because of the many dedicated volunteers.

I also think the Bebble Brothers should not be forgotten.

Bert Bebble’s family are still living and I am sure his children and grandchildren would be honored to see their grandfather receive some recognition for his part in helping develop what has become Worldwide Little League.

Marge Bebble Killian


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom