Turning hate into success

I was very impressed with the letter from Ida Temple (Aug. 17) on police vs. citizens.

She was absolutely right. No one said life would be easy, things don’t always happen the way we would like; it takes hard work to accomplish success.

It is interesting how some people behave during such experiences.

The people of Ferguson took the tragedy to unleash anger, poor judgment and self-righteous behavior, showing the sad way of dealing with such problems. Not only do they feel justified in acting irrational, but they feel it is OK to destroy the livelihood of various businesses, owners and employees. They are quick to destroy, will they be as quick to help rebuild?

Then, there is the opposite way to deal with devastation.

Remember Malala? The young girl shot in the fire and left for dead by terrorists?

She stood up for what she believes in and education to better the lives of all girls.

She has taken her experience and is using it to help teach, encourage and enlighten others, that one can overcome tragedy and turn it into success. God bless her.

Kathy Shipe