Unfair choice

How can America conscientiously condemn Mexico, for arresting Sgt. Tahmooressi who may receive a lengthy sentence for “accidentally” entering Mexico with three firearms, legally registered and purchased in Florida before moving to San Diego for PTSD treatments, after these infringements?

Brian Atkin moved from Colorado to his mother’s home in N.J. to be closer to his son. His ex-wife refused his son’s visitation and after leaving his mother’s home for his new residence, she became concerned over his mental state.

Fearing he might injure himself she called the state police. The police responded, called Brian on his cell phone, requested he return to his mother’s home. He complied, they determined he exhibited no danger to himself others, but searched his car anyway and found two locked, loaded, handguns legally purchased in Colorado in his trunk. He was arrested, sentenced to 7 years in prison for unlawful possession of a weapon. Fortunately, Gov. Christie commuted his sentence.

Shaneen Allen, a black mother of two from Philadelphia, was stopped in N.J. for a traffic violation. She informed the officer she was in possession of a loaded handgun and had a concealed carry permit in Pennsylvania. She had no criminal record, worked in the medical field, and secured the permit after being robbed twice in the past year.

She was arrested, spent 40 days in jail, released on bail, and could receive a mandatory 42 month jail sentence after her October trail.

Why should law-abiding citizens who carry guns concealed for self- defense, have a permit, no criminal record, never injured anyone, have to choose between breaking the law or becoming victimized by criminals when traveling in America? “Responsible individuals need firearms to protect themselves from Criminals and Corrupt Authorities, both destroyers of a Republican society,” warned Andrew Fletcher.

William L. Emick


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom