We can’t wait

I have really enjoyed reading the recent letters on American Exceptionalism. Even Mr. Reeder’s liberal interpretation of American Exceptionalism was interesting. Even though I don’t agree with Reeder, I respect him as a person.

Hands down, the best writing on the topic was by Eugene Zechman Jr. who wrote that individualism and capitalism are what make America great.

He is absolutely right as the greatest periods in modern US history were in the 1950s and 1980s. Times when individualism and capitalism were at their most pure.

Sadly, Barack Obama has been sending our beloved nation down the slippery slope to socialism these past six years. This is where I disagree with Zechman. Zechman believes that Republicans should wait for President Obama’s term to end to repeal the harmful socialism of Obama.

I think that America cannot wait another two years. Obama has wrought destruction on this country for too long. He needs to go as soon as possible.

Paul Goldsmith


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom