Dirty, dirty girl

I almost never agree with anything coming from Tim Mannello but this time he has a point: Donald Trump the misogynistic, xenophobic, ranting bully would be a disaster for the nation. However, the other apparent option of the shrew Clinton would be just as bad or worse.

The Clintons have a sordid history of dirty politics going back to Bill’s time as governor of Arkansas. There is nothing they won’t say or do to keep their hold on power and money. They view themselves as above the law; Hillary has actually laughed at the FBI! Her tenure at the State Department was an apparent golden opportunity to sell access to foreign powers for huge sums of cash thinly disguised as “donations” to the Clinton family slush fund aka the Bill and Hillary Foundation.

Monica Crowley of the Washington Times reports that they are paying hundreds of thousands in legal bills for Jonathan Cooper, the family aide who registered the domain name for her private email server. Cooper is a major Clinton fundraiser and a senior advisor to the Teneo Corporation, a suspected money-laundering firm that may have enriched the Clintons by funneling them the cash paid by foreign firms seeking political access while Hillary was Secretary of State. The old criminal investigation adage “follow the money” is being employed by the FBI they’re investigating Bill and Hillary on suspicions of public corruption as well as working on her likely flagrant violation of federal laws regarding her email server.

Hillary Clinton cannot tell the truth about anything, and she may well be indicted before the July Democratic convention. If Obama derails the Department of Justice’s procedure and gives her a free pass, the investigation evidence will be made public anyway, and everyone including her fawning supporters will see her for what she is: A dirty, mendacious fraud. Even if she’s elected as POTUS she could face immediate arrest and trial before her smarmy inaugural parties end.

I wonder if Mr. Mannello or any sane person would actually want the Clintons anywhere near the White House ever again once the truth is revealed.

Jon Smith


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom