Failing miserably

I believe in exposing my children to what is important. Their education is certainly among the top items on the list. They have accompanied me on occasion to board meetings when Brian was traveling. They also join me to the bank, grocery store, PTO meetings, volunteering, etc. In my eyes, that’s how it should be. I want them to see they are important and what else I view as important. Hopefully when they grow up they will also be involved.

We made the decision to move, and I can honestly say we didn’t make it lightly. Telling family and friends was not easy and certainly moving will not be. In the last 9 years we have lived here, this has become my home. The support and goodwill has meant the world to us, and I know I can honestly say these two people are dead wrong.

I guarantee neither of these people have heard the same gratitude and goodwill that we have received. So once again, thank you to those who support us, please continue to support the kids of this community, they need you more everyday. It is time to fix this! For my family, we have chosen to move. How many hardworking families will you chase away?

Listen to the people when they speak! If the meetings “are not a place for children”, then as president of the school board, Mr Snell, then you are the blame. You have the opportunity to bring this community together yet you continue to divide. What is the future for this town? For this school district? You wanted this position, it’s time to make the hard decisions and get to work! You work for the children of this school district and you and your friends are failing them miserably.

Melissa Stutzman