Millenials defense

Some millennials are getting a bad rap about not being driven to succeed, being lazy and wanting the government to take care of them . This may be true of some of them, but it is also true of people in every generation.

As a former teacher and coach I have seen many young men and women who work incredibly hard and are very goal oriented. As a former employee of a large home improvement store I have seen young people trying to start businesses and work long hours. There are young people starting and working for contracting, painting, photography, hardware, landscaping, financial services, medical fields, customer services, food service, laborers, education, nursing, criminal justice, the military, full-time mothers/fathers and a variety of other businesses and professions who work extremely hard.

I had the privilege to attend a ceremony for young men and women who were receiving their masters degrees recently. It was a very diverse group in terms of field of mastery, as well as, ethnicity. It made me feel hopeful that there are young men and women out there who really are trying to do the right thing.

In all these situations the common thread is hard work. I am not trying to sell any generation short on any of the accomplishments they have achieved. We are fortunate to have so many people of various ages who are making it happen every day. I had a gentleman in his late 60’s come to our house to set up some indoor work for us tonight and he is going strong. So as the saying goes,” There is no substitute for hard work.”

Nick Altebrando


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom