Recently a Facebook video has gone viral. In it millennial Alexis Bloomer apologizes for our generation’s failings and entitlement. I’d like to expand on Alexis’s points, as I felt she did not do her argument proper justice.

She emphasizes that “we’re lazy, we’re really entitled. And we want to make a lot of money and have free education but we’re not really willing to put in the work.” Nail on the head. We complain too much about our debt and not being given the same affordable college opportunity as our elders. If we really didn’t want $35,000 of debt we’d be out working a real job. College is taking the easy road, they basically hand degrees out like candy these days.

But so what if college costs have more than doubled since the mid-80s? All the more reason to work harder. It’s really our fault that we listened to our elders and high school teachers, who all told us college was a wise investment. It’s really our fault that we fell for the bait and enrolled in record numbers, becoming the most college-educated generation in history, to the tune of $1.2 trillion dollars of student loan debt. It’s really our fault for spending all of those Friday nights in the library studying, and expecting to have a decent job in return.

Look, do you want to know why millennials flock to people like Bernie Sanders? It’s not because we don’t do our own research. It’s not because we’re looking for handouts. It’s because he’s one of the few politicians that doesn’t dismiss our ideas as foolish and nave. He realizes we are the future, listens to our plights, and values what we have to say. He is giving us a voice in our government.

Millennials aren’t perfect. And we’re not out on a crusade against our elders. But this narrative of millennials as lazy and entitled is, frankly, idiotic.

Life is hard. We get it. We’re not asking for a free pass. But pointing out the mistakes of past generations and demanding that we do better isn’t entitlement, it’s common sense.

Tyler Smith


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom