As a district attorney I once prosecuted a man in 1992 for a gruesome home invasion. I had a simple theory of the case.

The perpetrator broke a window to gain entry to the house. Fortunately for the prosecution, the defendant did not come from a deep gene pool. He did not wear gloves but did manage to place three clear and distinct fingerprints on the bottom of the windowsill when he pulled himself inside.

He compounded his idiocy by testifying.

He complained the fingerprint evidence was being taken out of context. I would have laughed had he not been such a horrible human being.

My cross-examination was limited to one simple question. Could he please explain to the jury just one legitimate context. I trust he is still incarcerated.

I only can conceive of Karen Wright’s Facebook comments being appropriate at a Ku Klux Klan meeting. Her crime is that she has the temerity to believe herself competent to be in charge of educating children. For shame.

Daniel G. Ehrgood


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom