The negatives

Donald Trump’s insult calling Senator John McCain a “loser” because he was captured in the Vietnam War should have been enough to dismantle his campaign. Most military people I know would respect McCain for his war service even if they don’t like some of his political stands. I am surprised that any person in the military or any person who respects what the military does would vote for Trump after those ridiculous comments.

On the other hand, I will vote for Donald Trump if he unfortunately becomes the Republican Party nominee. If any Democrat wins and if the Democrats take control of the Senate, the continued killing of the unborn will go unchecked and even promoted. It is a disgrace that the governor of Pennsylvania was an escort for the abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. He claims to be a Christian. One Congressman asked a Methodist woman lobbying for abortion if she thought Jesus would be walking up and down the halls of Congress to promote the killing of unborn babies? She had no reply.

Both President Obama and Hillary Clinton support a woman’s right to choose to have her doctor kill her baby and the taxpayers funding the killing through Planned Parenthood and Obamacare.

Though Planned Parenthood denied doing anything illegal, they have not denied selling body parts. Where do you get body parts? Not from a ‘clump of tissue.’ You get body parts from dead babies.

Any political party that says people should be allowed to kill babies is barbaric and morally bankrupt. They complain about pollution in the environment but they are the worst of moral polluters in many of their policies. To not vote for the Republicans is to indirectly of directly promote the continued slaughter of babies and the funding of that atrocity. 58 million have died since the Supreme Court began its “Reign of Terror” in 1973. The Democrats promise to continue to nominate baby-killing justices.

Jesus offers forgiveness for any sins to all who will come to him to receive it. With that many abortions, a sizable percentage of American women and their male partners have been guilty before God of the taking of innocent lives through abortion. Instead of voting to let everyone do what they have done, perhaps they should seek God’s forgiveness which He freely gives to those who ask and then vote stop encouraging this tragedy to continue.

I see clear reasons not to vote Donald Trump for president. The reasons are much clearer not to elect a Democrat.

Rev. Glen Bayly