Unfortunate behavior

It’s really unfortunate how losers of two Montoursville Area School District Elections continue to drag the entire community through the mud. Whether for hurt pride or selfish motives this small group continues to tear down the community and encourage followers to act up with loud outbursts and unruly behavior at board meetings. This group simply will not realize that the ruling class behavior of the previous board and their administration meant outsiders were certainly needed for the betterment of the MASD. Rather than finally accept the decision of voters the second time, they tried again for more power by seeking an outright appointment of one of their losing candidates to fill a vacant seat on the board.

On this 3rd attempt by Option 5, their selection was again passed over, and that really set them off. Still they could not accept the will of the voter, so they contacted activist factions and fringe groups with made-up lines about prejudice and sexual discrimination being displayed by members of the elected board. Unless we get down to the last person on earth not one of these whining malcontents deserve a place on the board. Further harm to our children, our community, and the election process itself will result if we reward unscrupulous behavior such as this.

We are quite tolerant today and rightly so in a civilized nation. Back in the day these sore losers would’ve been sitting on the pillory block, or run out of town on a rail. That said, their instigating methods have resulted in a significant loss of dollars to taxpayers, and disrupted parents and students alike for long enough. Please grow up folks and take your issues to the polls. Now our elected board faces even more derision due simply to the hurt pride and spiteful ways of your small but loud minority group.

As for the ousted group, the underbelly of this beast has been exposed many times and yet they continue on. Their hypocrisy has no bounds and they continue spouting “we” represent the town of Montoursville. Some in their group still don’t get that the district is made up of seven municipalities within a 189-square-mile area, not the town of Montoursville. Still others of this same group claim to be the Christians but continue to say and do anything to disrupt and jam up progress of the school board’s agenda.

One of three holdovers of the exiled board continues to be openly rude, loud and boisterous at public meetings. Every loud and disrespectful accusatory half-truth or bold-faced lie draws cheers from a loud but very small following of rabid sheep and crybaby malcontents. The zeal with which this man defends the nontransparent deals and bullying tactics of his ousted cohorts is astounding.

Voters beware, even now the proponents of the minority losers (and a few spoiled youth) are spinning a web of lies and deceit to rise up with more unruliness to harm the community. They will use character assassination and their standard methods i.e. lying, mischaracterization, false claims of bigotry and prejudice often backed by a myopic local press interested only in improving readership or helping save face of their buddies.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Please do not reward bad behavior. Voters’ don’t resign, so neither should their representatives. Hang tough.

William L. Harris


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom