There was a man in 1933 who was going to make his country great again, twelve years later he was dead, the country was in ruins and millions of people were slaughtered. In 1928 we saw a man running for the higher office in the greatest land. he said “a chicken in every pot, a car in every garage.” One year later people were lucky to even have a pot. In 1989, we had a man run for mayor of our fair city and he had a plan he said to stop the influx coming into town. Two years later at a council meeting when asked about his plan, he could not reveal it at the time. Now the year is 2016. There is another man who says that he will make America great agin. America has always been great and always will be. He says he has a plan, but I haven’t heard how he is going to do it. Sounds familiar.

Philip L. Carpenter


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom