Children in politics

It seems as if politicians are behaving like children rather than in solving the issues affecting this nation. Why? Because they do not agree with certain words coming from an opponent. There is an old saying, “Actions speak louder than words”, which politicians seem to not understand or possibly do not care! You must accept me as I am no matter what! Like children, those running for the presidency and Congress are squabbling like children over a toy. They need to stop this and fight for the freedoms of this nation not their own egos to be on top. Each candidate states the faults of each other, such as you did this or that. They like me better than you. I have more friends than you. What happened to preserving and protecting this country above our own personal wants? As for the above quote it is so true. When we use bad words but behave differently than what our words, is this not an action? All of us have done things in our lives that we are not proud of, whether it is with words or our actions. As we grow older these often come back to haunt us. How do we overcome this? By taking a hard look at ourselves and seeing ourselves as others do, including the words that come out of our mouths. I should not have done some things when I was much younger. This is not an excuse, but when we are young we seem to not think about the future years. Often we get bit in the butt, so to speak, from such words or actions. Bad words or actions seemed to be remembered much more than the good we may have done in life. As for those running for office they need to remember this and stop the infighting and stay on how they will improve the greatest nation God ever gave a human being; United Sates of America. For this nation to become great again, or stronger, it is up to we the people and who we elect to serve us and this nation. If we do not go out to vote, it is just possible that the wrong person will be in office who wants power than for the people. It is up to you Mr. and Ms. citizen, what do you want to do? Ida Temple Mansfield Submitted by Virtual Newsroom