Country in peril

The upcoming Presidential Election may be the most critical election in the history of the United States. Your vote should not be based solely on your party affiliation. Your vote will decide whether we make America great again or assist in its demise. I’m sure that most Americans would agree that we are on a path to destruction and a change in leadership and direction is definitely warranted. Donald Trump says a lot of things that are not politically correct, but maybe that is not a bad thing. Political correctness is another reason this country is being brought down. His running mate, Governor Pence does seem to be more presidential. I believe between the two of them, they will turn things around and make American great again. Hillary Clinton and her running mate, Senator Kaine, will continue down the path of President Obama and business as usual. She has been involved in more scandals and lies than anyone in the political arena. She will not turn on her big money friends to help the middle class. She talks out of both sides of her face. She panders to blacks and Hispanics to get their vote. She wants to allow tens of thousands more illegals and immigrants into this country. Our country cannot afford this onslaught for economic, as well as security reasons. She will elect Supreme Court judges who share her views on the Constitution. Her first attack will be on the second amendment. On Nov. 8, you can vote for business as usual or you can vote for a change to make America great again.

William A. Haggenslatter

Jersey Shore