When I see someone who will not honor the flag of the United States of America, I say to myself, “That person should be either, 1. Be kicked out of the country, or 2. Put into the service (and not the service of his/her choice).” Whenever the flag of the Unites States of America is flown … All hats should come off and everyone should stand!

The football players (and any other sports players) who don’t show respect, should be fired (and kicked out of this country) and the coaches who condone their players laying down on the ground to diss the flag, should be fired also!

My father was a Civilian Expediter in the US Navy during WWII repairing airplanes stateside and then sending them back overseas to be flown again. That was my Dad’s way to serve his, my mother’s and my country! So many other citizens did the same just to keep us free!

There are 8 members of my family who have graduated from Annapolis and my great uncle was the first Chief of Navy Personnel in Washington, D.C., under President Franklin Roosevelt.

So we, as a family, are quite patriotic. I’m so disgusted to think that our country has come to what it is.

I am so sorry for our country to have young people who refuse to show respect for anything or anyone – especially our flag!

Our forefathers, fathers, uncles and even grandparents have done their part to establish and protect this country so that the whippersnappers can say and do whatever they feel entitled to do, can.

Of course, the government says we can’t offend them for their actions. Offend them? What about us? What about our rights?

That is all I’m going to say on this subject. Maybe someone will GET the message!

Gretchen H. Kennedy