Free college

Wake up young people. How important is a college degree going to be worth when everyone has one. I think in 1900 if you had a sixth grade education, that was considered smart.

When I graduated high school in 1958, to get a decent job, you needed a high school degree.

To get a really good job, you needed a college degree.

To get into college you need first, good grades, and second, a family that had the money to send you there or your willingness to work your way through.

But when you finished, you could get a good job.

But then the government (in order to get votes) decides anyone who wants to go to college should be able to go.

So now you have many many times more people getting out of college owing very large amounts of money, which they can’t find a job to pay off their loans.

In the meantime, (I think President Bill Clinton), signed a bill called NEFA, which left most of our jobs go out of country and a need for college degree with them.

Wake up!

With FREE college, your college degree will be worth what my high school degree was in 1958.

The people who are telling you that they are going to give you free college when you now have thousands of college graduates, working as sales people in stores and in restaurants because they can’t find a job, are not trying to help you.

They are either not too smart to know better and want your vote, or they are smart and think you are too dumb to see what will happen and want your vote.

Either way, I see a problem.

Scott Overdorf