The question to Donald Trump about accepting the results of the coming election was a “Gotcha”. Chris Wallace knew there was no politically correct answer but “Yes”. A yes would preclude Trump from exercising the right of all candidates to contest election results. Have we forgotten that Al Gore contested results in multiple states in 2000, notably Florida? Did this Democrat want a fair election? You decide. It was his right to request a state-wide recount, but he wanted a recount only in Democrat-controlled counties in violation of Florida law and U.S. law requiring presidential elections be governed by law in place before the election. We were treated to the TV spectacle of squinting people trying to manufacture votes. He did not accept the results, and caused a Constitutional Crisis, until a second Supreme Court ruling in the case said that his requested method of settling the election was in violation of the 14th Amendment. In Trump’s defense, one might doubt the fairness of the coming election. Wards in Democrat-controlled cities have returned more votes than they had registered voters. The hacked e-mail accounts showed that the Democrats fixed their own nominating process this year. Indiana is investigating thousands of possible fraudulent voter registrations. Democrat operatives, one with fairly free access to the White House, were caught on video discussing how to commit and cover up voter fraud. The second issue that caught my attention from the debate concerns the Democrats’ saying that the Russians hacked their e-mails and the government’s lending credence to it. The Democrats were caught in corruption, and the Russian issue is to deflect attention. The government’s saying the Russians did it should scare the hell out of us all. There are two issues: One, the government is covering for a corrupt organization; two, President Obama is endangering national security for political reasons. No responsible security operative lets the enemy (or friend) know that even the lowest level of security has been breached. In the security business you keep your mouth shut. This administration, especially Hillary Clinton, has been disastrously negligent about security. William C Dincher Lawrenceville Submitted by Virtual Newsroom