I can’t help but notice the hypocrisy and double standards perpetuated by Donald Trump’s campaign and Republicans. Hillary Clinton’s emails remain a point of contention for Republicans. Hillary has already admitted that these were a mistake and said “I make no excuses.” Despite the FBI investigation finding no evidence of criminal wrong doing, Republicans investigated the investigation. In the process, they spent an estimated $20 million in taxpayer dollars. Republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy even admitted it was a partisan vehicle to drive down Clinton’s poll numbers. For what is supposedly a conservative party, they have no problem wasting American taxpayer dollars if it suits their political agenda. Donald Trump’s statements about African-Americans, Latinos, Women, the disabled, our Vets among others are the kinds of things no decent person would say. The leaked Access Hollywood video has been dismissed by Trump as locker room talk. Now voters are expected to let it go? Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway is quick to say that he apologized and likes to pivot back to Clinton and her emails. Why can’t Republicans let Clinton’s e-mails go? This isn’t just one gaffe for Trump. Does his apology really mean anything given all the other things he has said and done? This is the man who believes not paying taxes makes him smart. No, that makes him a leech. The money he doesn’t pay in taxes, someone else has to make up. Trump recently stated he would run the country like his business. I guess that means putting America into bankruptcy six times over. Trump insists the election is rigged by the media. That’s normal for Trump. It’s far easier to claim the election is rigged than taking accountability for his own words and actions. Wesley Sones Muncy Submitted by Virtual Newsroom