Comprehensive plan for the county, and only 1,100 people completed the survey out of 117,000. That is less then 1 percent. Same old same old. Getting free grants to do things we probably don’t need.

Newberry will continue to be ignored.

No sports parks for the kids in the tradesman blocks and the Williamsport Water Authority will continue to cater to the freeloaders.

We will spend millions of dollars to pay these gurus plus millions for their plans. But won’t spend $150 on some soccer nets and donate a little walk to free space in these Williamsport neighborhoods. We will lose another generation of kids in the tradesman blocks.

There is no comprehensive plan for people living by Lonza and no plans to take the toxic trucks out of our neighborhoods in Newberry. Pa taxpayers are about to spend millions to repair the damage these trucks did and in another 10 years we will do it again!

Survey respondents told them education, jobs, crime, roads and bridges, parks and trails, downtown Williamsport, history and the arts and housing are their top seven concerns. Education #1 priority. Let’s throw more millions at our already two lavish colleges and pay our 57 administrators more lucrative salaries, Let’s raise our property taxes to pay for more education! Are you kidding me?

Mim Logue


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom


I had to laugh when I heard Hillary speaking so seriously about cyber security during the debate. Is this the same Hillary that perjured herself when she testified before Congress by saying that she had turned over all her work related emails? Many thousands of work related emails have been found, despite her numerous efforts to destroy them. More perjury occurred when she testified that she never sent or received classified email. Many have been found. The most recent email dump reveals that Obama and her exchanged many emails that were classified. All on her private unsecure system she had been advised to not set up or use. She tries to pass it off as a mistake. I agree. Lots of people are in jail for having made lesser mistakes.

Bob Sonntag


Submitted by E-Mail