NEA backing

I was quite appalled when I saw a picture of Hillary Clinton on the cover of National Education Association Magazine. My immediate reaction was to tear it off and put it in the trash . The most upsetting and scary thing about her campaign is her collusion with mainstream media to squash any negative news about herself and portray mainly negative stories about Donald Trump . Recently I saw the mainstream media at prime news time had roughly 25 min of negative news stories about Trump and spent only 2 min on Hillary. This is significant in that the media is purposely not objectively informing the people about what is going in the campaign. This should be of great concern to educators. This is what totalitarian regimes do to their citizens to keep them unaware of the corruption and control that their government asserting over them . In addition , the Department of Justice and the FBI did not file any charges against her and her staff, allowed them to destroy government property and deleted emails after they were sent a Congressional subpoena. Her Deputy Secretary of State Patrick Kennedy offered FBI better assignments in foreign countries if they would change an email classification. The Democratic Party has secretly attempted to put groups in the Catholic Church to undermine its teachings to suite its liberal agenda. She has called American citizens deplorable and milllenials basement dwellers. The list goes on . Hopefully , the NEA’s endorsement of Clinton is not going to carry much weight in the educational community .

Nicholas Altebrando


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom