Praying to be wrong

The way I see it, the reason most Clinton supporters, the public in general, are paying little to no attention to the Clinton campaign’s behind-the-scenes conniving, deceptive activity as exposed by all those hacked emails, is because it takes more time to consider all that information than most people are willing to commit to. And it’s not “juicy.” They are, as Bernie Sanders expressed it, “tired of all the damn emails.” Way more interesting and “juicy” is all the disgusting tabloid garbage on Donald Trump dominating the news on ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, et al, all of whom, in my opinion, are not longer legitimate news reporting agencies, but rather more like a part of the Clinton campaign. I’ve never seen anything like it. Donald Trump has brought all of this on himself. When he loses on Nov. 8, he who would “Make America Great Again,” will go down in history as the chief enabler of the one who, when she wins, will, through her liberal progressive agenda, do her best to complete the destruction of this nation which her predecessor did not quite accomplish during his tenure in office. That is my prediction. I pray to God that four years from now, I will have to admit I was wrong.

Denny Wahler