Does the Democratic Party really believe that voters, especially women, would be shocked that Presidential candidate Donald Trump was recorded “trash” talking” about women, and they should vote against him for that? That was more than a decade ago. Obviously there must be many voters in this country that have never been in a man’s locker room, military barracks, college dorm or all night “stag” party and heard the dialogue there. Are there that many women out there who have never been to a “Bachelorette or Girls’ Night Out” party? What are the ladies talking about? Most likely the same thing that the guys are talking about at these events … the opposite sex and likely very graphically. Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy got a woman killed because of his stupidity and negligence. A number of women have come forward accusing former Democratic President Bill Clinton of raping them. Good things that Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton were never recorded trash talking about the women though. I wonder how much trash talking and vulgar language was used in those many domestic disturbances in the residence quarters of the White House between Bill and Hillary during the Clinton Presidential years. Those two had an audience with the Secret Service around back then and it did become public. You only have to read Chapter One of Gary Byrne’s “Crisis of Character,” to know how Hillary nailed Bill with a vase during one fight. The important issues in the 2016 Presidential race are uncontrolled illegal immigration, the stagnant economy, outsourcing of American jobs because of oppressive government taxation, foreign aid and favorable trade deals to countries that hate America. Hillary Clinton favors open borders and there’s no screening of who’s coming in the country. Voters need to remember, “trashing talking,” about the opposite sex won’t kill you, but terrorist sneaking into the country likely will. On Nov. 8, it’s your choice.

Robert Kibler