Strangely helpful

In a strange way the scandal over Donald Trump’s remarks about kissing and groping women has been a helpful thing for the women of America. It has kicked off a vigorous national discussion of women’s rights to privacy, and to be free from sexual molestation. But important as these issues are, there are even more critical things at stake. Mr. Trump’s remarks are not just about women. This is a man who wants to be president talking about the way he treats the citizens of the country he hopes to govern. He is saying very clearly that he has total contempt for those citizens’ rights — for anything of theirs that might stand in the way of what he desires at any particular moment. This attitude doesn’t apply only women and sex. It applies to all of his relationships with people. His words and behavior clearly show that for him, people are there only for his personal use and whim. He ignores the legitimate interests of his business associates, evades contractual obligations and stiffs his creditors. Mr. Trump has made it clear that he opposes the right of free speech. When someone publicly speaks against him he tries to bully them, has his security people rough them up when possible, and threatens them with lawsuits or jail. What if President Trump took it into his head to oppose not just the First Amendment, but the Second Amendment? Think of it, gun owners. This is not a man who keeps his promises. Hundreds of people who have made the mistake of trusting him will tell you that. The right to bear arms could just as easily come under attack from him as the right to free speech. And obviously he cares nothing for the Fourth Amendment, which guarantees the right to privacy. Donald Trump is a great showman, and he makes excellent sound bites. Underneath that showmanship is a total contempt truth and for the rights of others — not just women’s rights, but everyone’s. Arno Vosk M.D. Williamsport Submitted by Virtual Newsroom