The most treacherous candidate

James Madison, primary author of the U.S. Constitution, held that: “The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.” Since the 1960’s, Progressives have counted on the misinformed to believe without question their Marxian class-warfare diatribes. Their caustic rhetoric portrays ideological enemies as intolerant extremists, religious zealots, virulent racists and perpetrators of “vast right wing conspiracies”. In actual fact, such defamatory character assassinations embody the personas of the Progressive fanatics making those accusations as confirmed by Wikileaks’ release of DNC and Clinton campaign emails. Well-versed voters know that Mrs. Clinton’s 40-year history of criminal behavior and penchant for lying are disqualifying presidential character flaws. Simply stated, she is a condescending plutocrat and “shadow government” syndicate boss who spent a lifetime evading felony convictions courtesy of disappearing evidence, expiring witnesses and politically elite exemptions. Her most recent exclusionary coup was courtesy of the unethical Obama Justice Department. FBI Director Comey’s testimony before Congress laid out overwhelming inculpatory evidence for indicting Mrs. Clinton for gross negligent mishandling of highly classified material. In addition, Representative Gowdy, himself a former federal prosecutor, questioned the absence of exculpatory evidence to substantiate Director Comey’s claim that the FBI found no criminal intent on the part of Mrs. Clinton. In actual fact, intent is not required for successful prosecution under 18 U.S.C. section 793(f), which requires only gross negligence, in the mishandling of classified materials. So who wins this presidential debacle considering the aforementioned facts? Bookmakers are betting on Stalin’s idiots who will vote to finalize government’s consummate theft and redistribution of all American wealth. For the rest who truly value their Bill of Rights constitutional freedoms, consider that not voting for Trump or voting for a 3rd party candidate assures the election of the most treacherous presidential candidate in America’s history.

Lt. Colonel Michael Lichty

USAF Retired


Submitted by E-mail