The real travesty

The real travesty is not Trump. It is the travesty of President Obama and Hillary Clinton. There is a slaughter of hundreds of thousands, devastation of countries, terrible suffering poverty and homelessness in the Middle East. There is poison gas and barrel bombing. The real travesty is the read line Obama and Clinton mentioned their disregard for the chaos and death they caused by not doing anything to stop the above. Their lying, cover-ups and Presidential orders, disregard for the laws of the USA. What about the death of our people at the embassy. What about our National Security that Clinton and Obama and the FBI are covering up.

I suppose you don’t think we are all ready at war with ISIS, or that radical Muslim terrorists are calling for your and all non-Muslim beheading? Wake up!

On another subject, aren’t friends supposed to stop their friends from driving or boating drunk? Thank God Fernandez did not crash his boat into other boats.

Frank Wilson