Biggest con ever

President Obama nailed it when he pegged Donald J Trump as a pragmatist rather than an ideologist. Trump showed us early on who he was. He favored not one particular political theory over another. He didn’t even know one particular theory over another. He went with what worked regardless of where it fell on the political spectrum. Through his campaign, Trumps yea’s and nay’s changed with his mood, but there were two or three themes that rose above the rest. The hard-line never-gonna-change promises he made around them earned him a loyal-to-the-voting-booth following. He was their Man. He was their Inside-Outsider. He was their bully at the pulpit.

I’ve watched Trump turn deals since the 80’s. I wasn’t a fan then and less of one today, but even I am more than a little surprised at how quickly Trump’s hard line became soft. I’ve never seen campaign promises dissolve so fast after an election, especially at the hands of the candidate himself and even before he ever takes office! It looks like Trump’s not going to “lock her up” after all. The Mexican border wall is looking more like a fence, and remember all those millions of undocumented to be loaded on the Trump Train out of here? That train is not leaving the station.

If Trump’s supporters are half as disappointed as I was when Obama broke his first campaign promise, then I feel their pain. Maybe meaning what you say and saying what you mean just doesn’t matter to his supporters like it mattered to me.

What does matter, what matters more than all the promises he’s getting ready to break, is all the lies he’s told with the impunity of the privileged and the fervor of a believer. That kind of stuff will have an impact beyond what we can even Trump can begin to imagine or understand.

But what is more disturbing than any of this is that none of it means a damn thing to him. Winning is his ideology. As a supporter and a “winner”, how does it now feel to know you were the biggest part of the biggest con game ever played?

Stephanie O’Hargan


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom