Channel disappointment

The election is over and people need to stop their unruly behavior. I understand, people who supported Hillary Clinton are angry, but the protests must stop and right now. You need to take that anger and channel it into a better path for our progressive ideals. You need to channel your disappointment into wins in 2018 and 2020. President-elect Trump has set some pretty high goals for our country and what he plans to accomplish and in his first hundred days. The establishment GOP in Washington are feeling pretty good about themselves but we know how the GOP behaves. We have no choice but to try and work with President-elect Trump and the GOP, to protect what we in the Democratic party hold to be true. We have to use our voice to protect our American values. It is not just the Clinton supporters who need to adjust their behavior, so do the Trump supporters. I understand that you are ecstatic over the election. The Republicans won big even on the down tickets. This was a very nasty race but it doesn’t mean you get to keep the nastiness up. The election is over, drop the nasty language. Not only were the pundits clueless about how the election was going to turn out, but they are also wrong about what is happening out in America. The political rift is growing and not in a healthy way. The political flames that came from this contentious race are still being fanned from both sides and it needs to stop before we tear each other apart. Clinton supporters need to stop their hand wringing, woe is me, all is lost, “he is not my president” behavior. The Trump supporters need to stop gloating and the derogatory language and they are the only ones that matter behavior. It is time for both sides to move on. Fair warning: The Democrats are not going to lay down, remain silent or get out the way while the Republicans try to walk all over us. Democratic representatives won elections also. It should be noted that even though Republicans won big so did many progressive measures that were on the ballots. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, President-elect Trump does not have the mandate from the American people that the Republicans thinks he has. The voters are expecting Washington to finally get its act together. That doesn’t mean more gridlock. President-elect Trump has said he is going to make America great again, he also said it would be for all Americans. America can not be made great again if all we want to do is tear each other apart. He better keep his promise on that or we will be shopping for a new president. Or worse, the Democrats could walk away with the mid-term elections in 2018 and sweep the 2020 elections. It is up to us, what are you going to do?

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom